Monday, 2 May 2011

a late update

hi everyone!
Sorry couldn't update last week. I was traveling, and then it was all about taking rest and managing the jet lag. I am in Sri Lanka now. It was rainy the first days, but now it's so hot. I have to restrain myself not to rush back to dear old France. One glimpse of the beautiful sunset sky I had on the first day:
I've tried to stitch a little, but, of course, I have to go and visit wonderful places, meeting great people. It would be such a waste if I don't do so. But I can't help missing my stitching.
I've done some stitching on the rising of phoenix, and some on the wizard of oz.

As it is the beginning of a month, I've been inspired to fix myself some goals. I hope I'm not being too ambitious. So let's say I should:
- finish page 2 of the blue bird (I'm half way through it)
- finish page 14 of the wizard of oz (quite the same)
- fill the gap in the rising of phoenix
And now the reward I should give myself if I do so: start some stitching on Past, Present, Future!

As my french friends are far and i miss them so much, so I will write this in french too maybe not a real translation ( a thing that I've always wanted too but being my usual lazy self... :)
Voila je m'y suis decide. quelque chose que je me promettais de faire depuis longtemps: ecrire une partie en francais, meme si ce n est pas une traduction litterale de la partie anglaise. (pardon pour les accents, ayant un clavier qwerty, je ne sais plus ou ils sont!)
Alors je suis arrivee au Sri lanka, sous la pluie. Du coup la chaleur n'etait pas trop insupportable. Depuis deux jours par contre, la chaleur moite me rend aussi active qu une limace! La premiere photo est une photo que j ai prise du balcon de l appartement ou je vis, le soir de mon arrivee. C est un ciel qui m a fait oublier un temps toute la fatigue du voyage. Je remercie au passage toutes les ames bienveillantes qui m ont fourni mon appareil, qui en plus d etre un rose attractif (au moins pour moi), est absolument merveilleux. Il repond au doigt et a l'oeil (c'est le cas de le dire!).
J ai fait quelque progres point-de-croitesque comme vous pouvez le voir dessus. Mais pas assez, selon mon gout. Des que je visite tous les merveilleux blogs de ces brodeurs surdoues, j ai rellement l impression d etre l escargot du groupe. Je me suis egalement fixe quelques buts, pour faire serieux, et surtout pour pouvoir dire aux gens autour de moi: je me dois a mes objectifs, laissez-moi brouder tranquille! La recompense en sera le debut d un nouvel ouvrage, comme si j en avais besoin!
Voila c est fini! vous me manquez terriblement!

happy stitching everyone
A bientot mes petits loups!


  1. LOL! You really are addicted! Being in Sri Lanka and being bummed you can't stitch because you have to go and do stuff! But I have to admit I know how it feels! ;)
    Your stitching looks great.
    And good luck with your goals!

  2. Thanks Lonneke! yes, I know I'm insane. i haven't been to the beach yet after one week! :)

  3. What a beautiful sunset! Thanks for sharing the pic.

    I hear ya about wanting to stay home and stitch....LOL!!! Aren't we a sad bunch? I'm planning a trip home next year and I'm already dreading not being able to stitch for the 2 or 3 weeks we'll be gone. Rather sit at home like old women and stitch instead of going out partying? HAHAHAH!

    WIPs are looking great. :D

  4. Wow! Look at all that confetti! I'm such a whiner! The sunset is beautiful and your WIPs are looking fabulous! Hope you have a fun trip! Are you in Sri Lanka to stay?

  5. Yes Joysze, we certainly are a sad bunch! I hope you can cope with three weeks without stitching, in the same time you'll be certainly busy visiting places and family. You'll have my full support though :)
    I'm going to stay in Sri lanka, Ewa, at least for the next six months. After that, I don't know, hopefully back in old europe.

  6. Have fun in Sri Lanka. I love how you tackled your Phoenix project it's very different. All your progress is awesome. Congratulations xo