Sunday, 29 May 2011

Good news, bad news

Hello everyone! thanks for all your comments and for following me. I used to say to hubby that I have to stitch because I owe it to my followers, lol!
So for the good news, QS topaz is a real pleasure to stitch. Maybe it's the 18 ct or the bright colours. Anyway, I can hardly put her down to stitch something else! So there she is
I love her brown-black hair on the pink background

As for the bad news, it's not really that bad. I just have to restart something. Tenting is not for me definitely. Ok it is fast and it looks well. But as i didn't like it, I was always reluctant to stitch on the wizard. Each time I stitch tent, it's like I'm missing my usual tempo. I had also made so many mistakes on it.
All in all, I couldn't decide, because when you put so much work in something, it's hard to throw it away. I asked hubby's opinion. He hadn't the slightest idea (he was thinking that the figure on the bottom right was some kind of flowers. When I told him it was the dead body of the wicked witch of west, I loved the look on his face!). So he flipped a coin and so it was decided, in this very rational way, that I would restart it.
I thought I will do it some weeks later. But it seems I couldn't wait, so i sewed a piece of fabric (i will keep the other one for smaller projects). and I started stitching full crosses this time. And I  am happy! No pic yet. But I will show you something as soon as there is something to see!

Hello tout le monde. Comment ca va dans ce si joli mois de mai a Paris, petits veinards! Je suis desolee pour la secheresse, au demeurant. Comme vous pouvez le voir, j ai bien avance sur Topaze.
J ai decide par contre de recommencer le magicien car je me sens plus a l aise avec les petites croix entieres. je mettrai bientot une photo du redemarrage, si tout va bien.
Il faut croire que le cinema indien a des entrees en france car plusieurs films ont pu y etre tournes. Certains a Paris, d autres sur la cote d azur. J avais vraiment besoin de ca. Un des tout derniers films a toute une chanson tournee a paris, autour du louvre, rue de rivoli. Mes larmes se sont mises a couler toutes seules. Je suis vraiment parisienne jusqu au bout des ongles !
Vous me manquez!

Happy stitching
A bientot mes petits loups


  1. Anojaa, I enjoyed so much reading your blog. I found the link on your HAED posts. It presents itself very beautifully, and I must say you show some very nice stitching. I love your sense of humor, too. I look forward to seeing your progress on these great charts you have chosen. Happy stitching...Judy Johnson (Judyjo)

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  3. Thank you so much Judy, you got me blush :)

  4. You made wonderful progress on Topaz :) She's coming out great.
    Sorry to hear about your other project. On the one hand it hurts because you put a lot of into it, on the other hand it's no good stitching if you don't feel happy with it. So you did the right thing to take the courage to restart!

  5. ANOJAA!!!! NOOOOOOOOO! But I understand. It's terrible and annoying but sometimes, a restart is all that can be done, especially if you're not enjoying the stitch. I look forward to seeing the restart!!

  6. Awwww man!!! Restarting sucks!! Sorry you have to do that... but I agree about tenting. I don't like that either... it feels incomplete to me. :(

    Topaz is looking awesome!! :D

  7. Hey Anojaa! Oooh sorry to hear about having to restart. I think you made the right decision (even if it was by coin toss LOL) at least your happy now. You had to try tenting otherwise you would always have wondered about it. Well now you know and can get on with it. Topaz is lovely I love working with bright and vibrant colours too. Good luck with it all and keep us posted!
    Alicia xo

  8. Ohhhh! So sorry about the restart! But better to do it now than going ahead and regretting it everytime you pick it up! The whole point of stitching is to enjoy the hobby! At least for me it is. I'm not a huge fan of tenting either. Best you found out now, and you did give it a go. Godd luck with your re-start, can't wait to see a pic!