Friday, 20 May 2011

Vendredi 20 Mai 2011

hello everyone. Time to post! I couldn't stitch that much these last days. My brother was here visiting. He's my sweet darling. so we were running all over the place without no rest at all.
But it has been some time that I didn't show my progress on the Wizard. I'm such a lazy blogger. I've not yet finished the page 14 (the colors are dark and sometimes tedious to stitch in tent)

The tree is almost finished, luckily and then I can have a go at the sky yipee!

Hum hum, I think I 've started a new piece. Yes, i'm not sure. You see it's a tiny piece : a QS! ok it's Topaz from Dillman's work. i've started her yesterday.

nothing to see yet. Actually I think I'm going to start every chart that I really love too much, life is too short. you can expect more starts in the near future :)
I've signed up for the SK SAL on the HAED BB. I couldn't resist Rapunzel. and I never tried stitching a storykeep. And all of my friends are avid readers. So i was easily convinced.
The only problem is that here in Sri lanka I don't know where to find floss. So I may have to order it online. but I'm not sure of the postal service here either. So we'll see. If anyone passing here know where I can find DMC threads in Sri lanka or in singapore (I'm going there in a few weeks), let me know. Thank you!

bonjour tout le monde! D'abord un tres joyeux anniversaire a la cheftaine (oui voila j ai diffuse la nouvelle sur internet). Avec mon frere a la maison, je n ai pas pu broder bien entendu. Bon en meme temps, entre mon frere et le point de croix, il n y a pas photo. Nous avons passe trois quatre jours a un rhythme frenetique. Et il s'est en aller, snif!
Comme ca fait un bout de temps que je n ai rien montre sur le magicien d oz, vous avez deux photos pour le prix d'une. J en peux plus de cet arbre!
J ai commence un nouvel ouvrage, c est une tres jolie indienne. Et je me suis egalement inscrite pour participer a un "point-de-croitons ensemble" sur un marque-page. Il est trop joli! La vie est trop courte alors j ai decide de commencer tout les modeles que j aime trop.
Mon gros probleme c' est que je ne sais toujours pas ou trouver du fil ici!
Je vous embrasse tous tres fort

happy stitching
a bientot mes petits loups


  1. Wonderful progress on your projects :)
    Topaz is a beautiful lady, you made a good start on her :) I'm curious about you sal, I don't dare to sign up for one, I'm getting so little stitching done...
    But I can watch in cheer instead :)

  2. Anojaa, of COURSE you can join the IHSW. :D the more the merrier, is what I always say. Can't wait to see you update on Momday. :D

    Great WIPs. I've always loved the Dillman.

  3. Wow, your progress on Wizard is amazing! Can't wait to see more! :) And your new start is beautiful.

  4. Thank you so much! nothing can make me stitch more than a little apreciation ;)
    Joysze, I've joined! Hope I can show some progress on monday :)

  5. You've made so much progress on the Wizard! I always love seeing that one (probably because I learned English by watching The Wizard of Oz on repeat). Also, I support your decision to make some new starts. Why wait? I look forward to seeing your new starts!

  6. I love your new start Anojaa I can't wait until you reach the beautiful gold hues in her outfit. I agree life is too short start as many as you like. I have 20 in my current rotation. LOL!! The wizard is looking lovely and Blue Bird is absolutely stunning. Congrats on all your progress. xo Alicia

  7. Thanks to both of you! I don't know Alicia if I can compete with you :)
    I had also watched the wizard of oz, a dozen of times. I used to drive my parents crazy with it :)