Monday, 27 October 2014

Long time no see...


Is there still someone out here? Not much hope as I have stopped blogging for such a long time. Life has taken its toll: changing countries, finding new job, working, starting to study again, etc.
Now that I am a bit settled and that the studies are coming to an end, I thought why not?
The thing is that I have, despite my prolonged silence, continued stitching with passion.
Here after, some of my finishes.
This one is called 'Flashes of gold', I am really fond of it and gave it to one amazing family friend. It is an Anchor design, published in Cross Stitch Collection (august 2006). It was tricky with all the gold braid.
This one is a Maia kit, 'Hien', artist : Haruyo Morita. I loved particularly the red flowers in the background, pretty tough on my eyes but what a delight now. I have kept this one and it hangs proudly on one of my wall.
I have few more finishes and I will post the photos whenever I have the time.

Now, for the present, I have come back to be 'one-timer' again. I realized I am too impatient to see a finish to work on several projects at a time. hence, the Wip column has been reduced to one. This chart ' Past Present Future' is so beautiful (kudos to Aimee Stewart for her amazing work) and so perfectly designed by  HAED. I had started it a while ago, finishing two pages at the bottom. I have been working for almost two months on it. So here are the pictures for the past three weeks (sorry for the quality, I stitch in the morning and sometimes, morning light is not good enough for good pictures).

So, this is where I am.
Hopefully I will be able to give you a weekly update or at least every two weeks.

I love reading all the blogs around. Not sure I will have have the time to comment but fantastic job everyone.

Wishing all a great week.