Monday, 18 April 2011

An update of sorts!

 Hi everyone!
The weather is so nice here, quite hot actually. So strange but by hot weather, I cannot stitch that much, my fingers got all moist... ok, I'm just finding myself some excuse because I haven't stitch that much! So what have I been doing except from dozing?
1. Been cooking a little. My brother and friends asked me to cook something. So I made a chicken biryani with some boondi raita, a recipe I found on the net (which I change to my taste). So there it is

2. Been browsing again the HAED website because of their sale: 50% nothing less! so I found this one so beautiful, and I've wanted for some time to stitch something green. And it has became essential because I need something refreshing with this so hot weather!

3. Been stitching a little on Blue bird

By the way, I have two things to show to you: my pride and my shame. Let's begin with my UFO ( I don't consider, as for now, any of my other projects as UFO, if i can't finish them, It's not my fault but because I'm not a witch or a vampire) It is English garden of Teresa Wentzler. I love her designs. I have almost finished every cross stitch in it, but I cannot put myself to do any beading or any special stitching.

On the other side, I am extremely proud of this one. I've designed it myself as a gift to a dear friend. It's a comic character called Agent 212.

So that's all folks! Time to go back stitching!
Happy stitching everyone!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Beware! the witches are there

   Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a nice time, stitching, reading or doing anything you like. I haven't been a good girl, haven't stitched as much as I wanted. But, then I had a wonderful time with my friends eating and walking, enjoying the beautiful weather we had.
But the wizard of oz has a story to tell and can't wait to do so. I've finished the half page at the bottom right :
One wicked witch is dead but the other is waiting just behind the tree to curse our little friends!

The progress on the Blue bird has been slow, so there she is
the colours are great, though. She is really a pleasure to stitch. It seems that since I've finished my first page of her, I'm not overcome with frustration because of the progress being so slow.

Finally, great news, I have fallen in love. Completely and desperately. The first time I have set my eyes on it, I know that I want to stitch it. My fingers couldn't wait to get some stitching done on it. Oh HAED what are you doing to me!
It's Past Present Future, artwork of Foxfires. I love the colours. But I won't start it until I've done some more on my current projects! we'll see how much time I can resist it :)
Happy stitching

Monday, 4 April 2011

Update time!

  I've decided to update once a week, so I can show some progress. I've been asking myself a tons of questions lately, about my cross stitching. Did I like the fabric I choose? Is the number of threads adequate? at one time, I even thought of starting again Blue Bird: the stitches were so tiny, it seems it couldn't show all the colors used properly. And then I started The wizard of oz with tent stitching, which seems good to begin with. but I end up frogging quite a bit and the back is such a mess. So I'm thinking about gridding, I even bought a washable pen! Well, I got myself a big headache! I've decided to not decide anything for a while! just stitch and take pleasure with it! And you know what: I feel much better now.

So there come the photos:
I haven't done much on Pinocchio, poor thing
I'm really proud of this one: the tent stitching looks great at most of the places
 And finally the Blue bird (page one is almost done). I think I'm going to buy me a chocolate treat as soon as I'm done :)

I love browsing other stitchers blogs. They are all doing amazing work. But the problem is I want to do those patterns and kit too! So bad! Restrain yourself anojaa, you're going nowhere like that!

Happy stitching and thanks for looking