Sunday, 27 March 2011

New start!

   Hi everyone!
I have been working hard this week. First of all, i wasn't happy with my floss storage. As a consequence, I sorted them out, so they can be more easily found the next time. Actually, it was extremely useful to my new start.
But first, I must be loyal to Blue bird. After two weeks, I'm really enjoying it. The colors came one after the other, and even the confettis didn't bother me that much (well, that might not be the exact truth ;)). There si my progress so far
The first page needs some more work to be finished. But sometimes, I don't know if you feel the same, it takes time to understand the spirit of a project. And it seems that when you find it, it goes so much more easily. I want to be haunted by the Blue bird spirit!
And as for my new start, that's another story. I had decided with my inner self that I wouldn't begin a new HAED without finishing the first page of Blue bird. But it was too hard, I'm weak. So i've started The wizard of oz! I love the film, I have watched it so many times when I was young (even after actually). And for this new start, I decided on an experiment: the tent stitching! The beautiful work of Nina got me convinced. The crafty princess is doing some experiment too  and that looks awesome! So I want to give it a try. And after today's work on it, I'm quite happy. It's so fast! and the coverage, even if it isn't perfect, looks great most of the time. So triple hurray for Nina and the Princess.
By the way, it's on 28 count, stitched with two threads.
Now I think I deserve some stitching on Pinocchio, which seems so much easier after the HAEDs.
Happy stitching!

Monday, 21 March 2011


    I have been bad: no stitching done so far, or so few. I was involved with boxes, lifting, bags, climbing, more boxes, pushing, managing, a lot of boxes. Easy guess: I was moving, and back to my parents' house. Seems to me that i'm unstitching my life. But in real life, you never really unstitch anything, you just put more threads in already stitched areas and you make up a new picture.
    So no blue bird, no stitching (actually, I manage to grab 1h of stitching very late at night, but I was too tired to do anything good), therefore no update. But I love to chat, so I just come anyway to post something. Why not some planning? I'm usually the queen of plans that I never achieve afterwards. But it is so much fun. 
   Right now, I'm totally hooked with HAED designs. So I think that I may start a new one or two (you see how much I try to sound cautious...). I love the Gustafson charts. The first ever HAED that I've bought is St nick in his study. But my favourite is The wizard of oz: I've watched the film a dozen of times in my childhood. So as I got the fabric, you may expect a start on it at the end of the week! I feel already so excited.
    An update without a photo isn't an update, so there is another finish of mine. The autumn sampler of Janlynn. I intended to do the whole series, but you know what, HAED came my way, and I don't know when I can find the time. But it will come someday, somehow.

Happy stitching!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Stitching addiction, Oh My Blue Bird, 2010 Finishes

       My soon-to-be hubby had an interesting thought yesterday evening (he often has actually). As it was 8 pm and I was bidding him good night (it was 0.30 am in sri lanka), he found that I was a little too happy to send him to sleep, he knew that my stitching time has come. So he proclamed that stitching was my secret lover (a good secret really, as I kept on talking about it). After some discussion, he decided that stitching was the husband, and he would be the lover. Whatever, did I say as long as he let me stitching. Sounded funny to me, so I decide to share it with you.

      By the way, I’m going to go crazy with the blue bird : it has some 40 colours or so for the first page only ! It’s insane. Well, it is sure to be wonderful when I’m done with it, but meanwhile…snif, snif.

      So to cheer me up, I’m going to show one of my finishes of 2010. One of my auntie asked me to stitch her something. She's Pad-mum little sister and I'm very fond of her. She has a wonderful taste and her house looks like something from a magazine (something that I will never achieve I know...). So I have to give her something special, not that every cross stitch project I do isn't special, but it has to suit her taste. At that time, I was stitching/struggling with Oriental Splendour of Dimensions. So i finished it and offered her. i was so happy to see her pleased. 
      For the record, OS has accomplished the amazing task of making me up with the French Knot. Why do they call that french? I'm french and it didn't help me a bit. So unfair! First, I thought of leaving them undone, but the lilacs in the bouquet without the knots wouldn't have been the same. So, I fought and ...won! In the meantime, my dear friend at work, heard about it a thousand times. And she, who doesn't know the first thing about cross stitching, knows all about the FK!
      Enough talk: time for the photos

Happy stitching!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

My first HAED Oh my god Oh my god

That's it : I'm done! I've started one of the most beautiful designs I've ever seen: it's an Heaven and Earth!It's Blue Bird from Josephine Wall. 

Isn't it gorgeous? I love it, really, absolutely. I've started it this week end, couldn't wait, but my oh my, with all those confettis stitches, I can't see a damn thing. So lets' wait. Be patient, my dear. An Haed isn't done in one day (if only, there are so many more of their patterns that I want to do, pfff...)
So there is the beginning:

Sorry for the difference of lighting

happy stitching

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Pinocchio wishes upon a star

good evening everyone
I've worked on Pinocchio this week. It progresses slowly, but steadily.  
I love the way the story unfolds before my eyes. 

Happy stitching

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Brilliant butterfly celebration

hi everyone!
Just a little post to show you my progress on Brilliant Butterfly celebration from Dimensions Gold collection. 

  I am an huge fan of Dimensions Gold collection. I've stitched some of their kits already and I love them. I will show you some photos soon.
happy stitching!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Brilliant Fire Phoenix Bird

     When I told my soon to be hubby that i was an avid cross stitcher ( more than once I think), he asked me to stitch a phoenix for him. I was ecstatic for a whole minute, jumping everywhere and so on. And the thought occured to me that I didn't have a phoenix pattern, nor did i remember have seen one yet. He was quite specific : he wanted a phoenix. I love that theme also : i consider myself a phoenix, raising with a smile from the ashes of sorrow when it was the least expected of me. So a phoenix it was to be.
     I decided to consult the great doctors of the web, alias doctor google and doctor ebay. There were some choice as this beautiful pattern from Joan elliott (i love her designs). But it wasn’t what i wanted : i looked for a pattern of the raising of the phoenix. Anyway, i couldn’t give up : I consider myself a knight of sorts. (yes i know i was supposed to be a phoenix… but as you will soon understand, i consider myself a lot of things, life is funnier and crazier like that !) i took the challenge and kept looking for it. (actually I could have save me some time if i had taken a look at Heaven and Earth designs for they have beautiful phoenix, but it didn’t occured to me at that time)

     And I’ve found it ! just what i was wishing for : a phoenix raising from the ashes, in beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red. So I ordered it. But what a surprise when i received it : i didn’t expected it to be that huge, actually i should have known from the description. 

So there is the beast, i’m working on and off on it since october. 

Wonderful isn't it?
And there some of my work on it

      Why this unstitched gap between the bottom and the middle of the fabric ? well I began by stitching on the middle as i usually do, and then I thought I could finished once and for all with the boring part at the bottom, therefore the gap !
Happy stitching!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Butterfly forest

There you can have a look at my progression on Butterfly forest from Dimensions, gold collection.
 and after some work on it, this week end:
 It's not my favourite project, but it's fun to stitch. There are many half stitches on the background, so it is quite quick to stitch (well, it's not that obvious on my progress! but excuse me I was at my parents' home and have to spend some time eating the delicious food of my mum...ok I will try to concentrate more next time)

Let's talk about business

I have 4 current works in progress:
- Forest butterfly from Dimensions gold collection
- Phoenix rising
- Pinocchio wishes upon a star from Candamar
- brilliant butterfly celebration from Dimensions again.
why two butterflies thing??? well, I think that I do adore all those colours you have to use to stitch them, even if that means you have to change your floss quite often... One is never happy!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

the beginning

hello everyone!
My name is Anojaa. I'm thirthy-something (more something than thirthy as days are passing by). I currently live in Paris, France. I've decided to share my craziness for cross stitching with fellow crazies. 
I've read wonderful blogs, so I decide to step in.  It will keep me motivated to post about my progress in my current projects, or so I thought. Let's see!