Monday, 21 March 2011


    I have been bad: no stitching done so far, or so few. I was involved with boxes, lifting, bags, climbing, more boxes, pushing, managing, a lot of boxes. Easy guess: I was moving, and back to my parents' house. Seems to me that i'm unstitching my life. But in real life, you never really unstitch anything, you just put more threads in already stitched areas and you make up a new picture.
    So no blue bird, no stitching (actually, I manage to grab 1h of stitching very late at night, but I was too tired to do anything good), therefore no update. But I love to chat, so I just come anyway to post something. Why not some planning? I'm usually the queen of plans that I never achieve afterwards. But it is so much fun. 
   Right now, I'm totally hooked with HAED designs. So I think that I may start a new one or two (you see how much I try to sound cautious...). I love the Gustafson charts. The first ever HAED that I've bought is St nick in his study. But my favourite is The wizard of oz: I've watched the film a dozen of times in my childhood. So as I got the fabric, you may expect a start on it at the end of the week! I feel already so excited.
    An update without a photo isn't an update, so there is another finish of mine. The autumn sampler of Janlynn. I intended to do the whole series, but you know what, HAED came my way, and I don't know when I can find the time. But it will come someday, somehow.

Happy stitching!


  1. Wow, the sampler is gorgeus! And you know what, new starts are so much fun so go for it! (says a start-a-holic ;D)

  2. Don't worry, I have to move back in with my parents in a few months, too. Which makes it all that much less likely that I'll finish College of Magical Knowledge by Christmas. Oh well! Gorgeous works, happy stitching!