Thursday, 17 March 2011

Stitching addiction, Oh My Blue Bird, 2010 Finishes

       My soon-to-be hubby had an interesting thought yesterday evening (he often has actually). As it was 8 pm and I was bidding him good night (it was 0.30 am in sri lanka), he found that I was a little too happy to send him to sleep, he knew that my stitching time has come. So he proclamed that stitching was my secret lover (a good secret really, as I kept on talking about it). After some discussion, he decided that stitching was the husband, and he would be the lover. Whatever, did I say as long as he let me stitching. Sounded funny to me, so I decide to share it with you.

      By the way, I’m going to go crazy with the blue bird : it has some 40 colours or so for the first page only ! It’s insane. Well, it is sure to be wonderful when I’m done with it, but meanwhile…snif, snif.

      So to cheer me up, I’m going to show one of my finishes of 2010. One of my auntie asked me to stitch her something. She's Pad-mum little sister and I'm very fond of her. She has a wonderful taste and her house looks like something from a magazine (something that I will never achieve I know...). So I have to give her something special, not that every cross stitch project I do isn't special, but it has to suit her taste. At that time, I was stitching/struggling with Oriental Splendour of Dimensions. So i finished it and offered her. i was so happy to see her pleased. 
      For the record, OS has accomplished the amazing task of making me up with the French Knot. Why do they call that french? I'm french and it didn't help me a bit. So unfair! First, I thought of leaving them undone, but the lilacs in the bouquet without the knots wouldn't have been the same. So, I fought and ...won! In the meantime, my dear friend at work, heard about it a thousand times. And she, who doesn't know the first thing about cross stitching, knows all about the FK!
      Enough talk: time for the photos

Happy stitching!


  1. Hi! Just found your blog and going to visit again :)

  2. Thank you Nina! It sure will help me to stitch more so that I can you show you my work

  3. Your bouquet looks lovely, what a great job! Good luck with Blue Bird. Did you know that we are sharing same zodiac sign? When is your birthday? Mine is July 16th.


  4. Hi Evalina! Thanks for looking. we are both cancer, great! my birthday is on July 5th. Have you seen the Josephine Wall's zodiac charts? I love them, but one Jo Wall at a time is enough
    Happy stitching

  5. Hey from another Cancerian June 25th. I have the JW zodiac chart for Cancer. It was a gift from my mum but I really really can't afford (time wise) another new start with 15 projects on the go. Maybe one day we can all have a SAL together for it.
    Oriental splendour is beautiful. Congrats on a finish, see they are possible LOL!
    Alicia xo