Thursday, 10 March 2011

Brilliant Fire Phoenix Bird

     When I told my soon to be hubby that i was an avid cross stitcher ( more than once I think), he asked me to stitch a phoenix for him. I was ecstatic for a whole minute, jumping everywhere and so on. And the thought occured to me that I didn't have a phoenix pattern, nor did i remember have seen one yet. He was quite specific : he wanted a phoenix. I love that theme also : i consider myself a phoenix, raising with a smile from the ashes of sorrow when it was the least expected of me. So a phoenix it was to be.
     I decided to consult the great doctors of the web, alias doctor google and doctor ebay. There were some choice as this beautiful pattern from Joan elliott (i love her designs). But it wasn’t what i wanted : i looked for a pattern of the raising of the phoenix. Anyway, i couldn’t give up : I consider myself a knight of sorts. (yes i know i was supposed to be a phoenix… but as you will soon understand, i consider myself a lot of things, life is funnier and crazier like that !) i took the challenge and kept looking for it. (actually I could have save me some time if i had taken a look at Heaven and Earth designs for they have beautiful phoenix, but it didn’t occured to me at that time)

     And I’ve found it ! just what i was wishing for : a phoenix raising from the ashes, in beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red. So I ordered it. But what a surprise when i received it : i didn’t expected it to be that huge, actually i should have known from the description. 

So there is the beast, i’m working on and off on it since october. 

Wonderful isn't it?
And there some of my work on it

      Why this unstitched gap between the bottom and the middle of the fabric ? well I began by stitching on the middle as i usually do, and then I thought I could finished once and for all with the boring part at the bottom, therefore the gap !
Happy stitching!

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