Thursday, 12 May 2011

Stitching community

Hi everyone!
For so long, I've been stitching alone, with no one to share my passion with. Actually, I do talk about it to non-stitching people, but even the most kind of them tend to find you a little over enthusiastic. and now, with so many blogs to read I find myself lost in an amazing community. Moreover, I've joined the HAED BB, and well I'm usually too shy to participate in any kind of forum. But there, you just feel good.

I want to show you some progress on my Blue bird, page 2 is almost finished. I really love stitching her.

On the non stitching side, I finally got to go to the beach (without any stitching material of any sorts!).

hello la compagnie! Je n arrive toujours pas a croire qu il y ait tant de passionnees de point de croix de par le monde. ok je m en doutais, mais c est toujours bon  d en avoir la confirmation. Je passe d'agreables moments a lire les blogs, il sont souvent tres droles. j ai en plus recemment joint un forum de point de croiteuses et c est super!
alors deux photos, l une pour vous montrer le progres fait sur l oiseau bleu, et l autre pour vous prouver que je ne passe pas TOUT MON TEMPS a brouder. enfin presque pas. Je sors tout juste d un bon rhume, pour rentrer dans un mal de gorge. oh fichtre! je vous embrasse bien fort (enfin heureusement que je suis a bonne distance, c est plus prudent pour vous)

Happy stitching
A bientot les petits loups


  1. The blue bird is coming along beautifully! I don't know how you don't go crazy with all that confetti. And I was just thinking about the cross stitch community last night. It really is wonderful to have people around you who understand your passion. :)

  2. Thanks Ewa. I think that I just get used to it :)
    It feel so good to know that other people are loving stitching as mush as you

  3. I just came across your blog :) You have wonderful projects, so full of colors and life :)
    You are working two of the Thomas-Kinkade-Disney projects! I'm always looking at the "Fly to Neverland" kit and try to stop myself from buying it ;) They are all so beautiful and I hope that one day they will publish "Beauty and the Beast" as a kit. It's great to watch these beautiful designs grow
    Your work on Blue Bird is gorgeous, so many wonderful colors (but I assume it's really a lot of confetti)
    I'll be happy to watch your blog from now on!

  4. Thank you so much for looking! Yes i love the disney dreams, I just wish I can stitch faster so I can finish my pinocchio and go to peter pan. I also wish that Beauty and the beast will be published, even if I don't know where I will find the time to stitch it, but who cares :)

  5. That's a gorgeous pic of the beach, Anojaa. Love it. :)

    Loving your WIP of Bluebird. The colors are wonderful.

  6. Thank you Joysze! Actually I was quite surprised at the outcome of the picture. I usually click and click with my camera and wish for the best :)