Monday, 23 May 2011

Adventures of a would-be hermit

Hello everyone!
This week end, I joined a wonderful group of stitchers (thank you joysze!) for the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend (if you haven't heard about it, you can read more at joysze's place, here). Wonderful idea, isn't it? Try to do nothing but stitching, yeah!

I thought it was a wonderful idea as my hubby was going to a meeting Saturday evening. I was overwhelmed with joy, which in fact wasn't really nice for him. Poor thing, he must have thought that I don't care that much for him. But you stitchers know it has nothing to do with your feelings. Stitching for me is something as important as breathing,laughing, eating, etc.
So I was not pushing him out, but waiting for my stitching hour to come. But ta da, as soon as he was on the road, I kept receiving worried phone calls about my welfare, from friends and family, as it was the first time I was alone here in Sri lanka. And this on Sunday too. these people were so nice, I couldn't really tell them : leave me alone, let me stitch. So I told them I was perfectly OK before going back to stitch. Most of them wouldn't have understood my stitching obsession ;)

Any way, I got some stitching done.
Got back to brilliant butterfly (it was in danger of becoming an UFO), and was glad I did. I stitched two more butterflies, yeah!
My main focus was on blue bird, though, as I've joined the confetti SAL on the HAED BB. Have finished page 2, and page 3 (heaven of confetti) started.
And the one I'm really happy with is QS Topaze, she's so nice to stitch. The pinks are vibrant. I'm almost getting at her hair, hurrah!
So all in all, i had a wonderful time!

Coucou tout le monde. Ce week end je me suis joint a un groupe de brodeuses-ermites. L objectif etait de rester cloitrer chez soi a broder. Ca n a pas ete facile. Au debut, ca tombait bien car Sid devait se rendre a une conference. Je sautillais tellement de joie qu il a du se dire elle est trop contente de se debarasser de moi. Au final, sa famille et ses amis ont passe leur temps a m appeler pour voir si j allais bien, ce qui est en soi adorable. Ok ca me faisait raler! J ai quand meme reussi a pas mal broder, youpi! je suis particulierement contente de mon nouveau projet, il avance bien. vous me manquez beaucoup!

Happy stitching
A bientot les petits loups


  1. What a fantastic weekend you had stitching, I love all your WIP's. The IHSW is a great idea and I love checking out everyone's stitching.

  2. Thank you Wendy! yes, it's really a great idea

  3. You are just FLYING on the Blue Bird! It's always nice to pull out an old project and give it a little TLC. Love it! :)

  4. It is amazing what you have done, and the work you made!

  5. That's so much stitching done, and the projects all look so different and interesting, too! I wish you luck as you keep on with all of them!

  6. A weekend full of stitching, how wonderful! You also made a lot of progress. Nice to see Brilliant Butterfly again, great progress on it.
    You made a lot on Topaz, the colors are beautiful, I love pink (my new camera is pink, that rocks!)
    Blue bird is getting more beautiful all the time :)
    I hope when there is another stitching-weekend-event I will be able to take part in it, too. ;)

  7. Ooooh Anojaa, what a busy stitchy girl you were!! Great progress on everything. :D And how funny is that that family and friends were worried about you being alone. I'd have told them.... TY, I'm fine, now leave me and my stitching alone!!!! LOL!!!!

    I'm sure hubby understands that it's not about loving him less, but more about loving stitching more. ROFL!!

  8. Wow! you've been busy! Your needles sure did fly this weekend! Great progress on bluebird! And great start on topaze, can't wait to see that one progress!!!