Monday, 18 April 2011

An update of sorts!

 Hi everyone!
The weather is so nice here, quite hot actually. So strange but by hot weather, I cannot stitch that much, my fingers got all moist... ok, I'm just finding myself some excuse because I haven't stitch that much! So what have I been doing except from dozing?
1. Been cooking a little. My brother and friends asked me to cook something. So I made a chicken biryani with some boondi raita, a recipe I found on the net (which I change to my taste). So there it is

2. Been browsing again the HAED website because of their sale: 50% nothing less! so I found this one so beautiful, and I've wanted for some time to stitch something green. And it has became essential because I need something refreshing with this so hot weather!

3. Been stitching a little on Blue bird

By the way, I have two things to show to you: my pride and my shame. Let's begin with my UFO ( I don't consider, as for now, any of my other projects as UFO, if i can't finish them, It's not my fault but because I'm not a witch or a vampire) It is English garden of Teresa Wentzler. I love her designs. I have almost finished every cross stitch in it, but I cannot put myself to do any beading or any special stitching.

On the other side, I am extremely proud of this one. I've designed it myself as a gift to a dear friend. It's a comic character called Agent 212.

So that's all folks! Time to go back stitching!
Happy stitching everyone!


  1. I love Chicken Biryani, my mom makes some yummy kurma with it. And Bhoondhi raita is one of my favourite kinds of raitas. I love the green chart you have selected. What is it called? Great progress on Blue Bird! Can't wait to see more!

  2. It is my favourite raita too!! It's Waterlily artwork by Schlink : so bad I can't stitch it any time soon :)

  3. Chicken Biryani, yum!!!! I usually make my MIL's recipe when I make that. Hubby loves it with chaas. :) Yours look delish!!

    Awwww, I love Agent 212!! How darling is he???

    Love your new HAED chart, esp all that green. Are you thinking of starting her soon?

    I hope you'll have the TW finished soon..... it's so beautiful. When I stitched her Peacock Tapestry, the yuckiest part for me were the backstitching. Once those were done, everything was smooth sailing. :)

  4. Thanks Joysze! Not in the near future :( but maybe if I make some good progress on the blue bird, I shall reconsider...
    You're right, I've got all the beads and everything so one day, I'll just have to do it, and I will.

  5. 1. You're going to come cook for me. There's a restaurant here called Raja's and you inspired me to raid it the other day.

    2. The chart you chose is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it.

    3. Blue bird is coming along fantastically. I wish I could stitch that fast.

    4. Teresa Wentzler has GORGEOUS charts. I did one of her charts (The Guradian: a while back. It had no beading or anything but it was well worth the effort. One of my best finishes, I have to say.

    5. Agent 212 is adorable! I don't have the talent to make my own pattern. Looks AWESOME!

  6. 1. Whenever you wish! But actually I was the first to be surprised at the outcome...
    2. I'm not supposed to start it but I'm already calculating the amount of fabric and threads needed
    3. the second page is so much easier to stitch
    4. Wow the guardian is gorgeous, I'd love to see a photo of your finish
    5. It was really easy, you just need a design big enough (and not too complicate like a comic) and a graph tracing paper and here we go!

  7. Dinner looks yummy that is something I have never eaten, I will have to give it a try. Stitching looks great you are doing a wonderful job.
    Isn't it fun pulling out a UFO, love the one you choose to work on.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your new HAED, I had to pick up a new one during the sale myself.

  8. Too hard to resist an HAED sale, isn't it? ;)

  9. That's funny, I just took pictures for a post about my English Garden. The beading is a lot of work, but I actually enjoyed it.
    I love your agent 212, a job well done!