Monday, 11 April 2011

Beware! the witches are there

   Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a nice time, stitching, reading or doing anything you like. I haven't been a good girl, haven't stitched as much as I wanted. But, then I had a wonderful time with my friends eating and walking, enjoying the beautiful weather we had.
But the wizard of oz has a story to tell and can't wait to do so. I've finished the half page at the bottom right :
One wicked witch is dead but the other is waiting just behind the tree to curse our little friends!

The progress on the Blue bird has been slow, so there she is
the colours are great, though. She is really a pleasure to stitch. It seems that since I've finished my first page of her, I'm not overcome with frustration because of the progress being so slow.

Finally, great news, I have fallen in love. Completely and desperately. The first time I have set my eyes on it, I know that I want to stitch it. My fingers couldn't wait to get some stitching done on it. Oh HAED what are you doing to me!
It's Past Present Future, artwork of Foxfires. I love the colours. But I won't start it until I've done some more on my current projects! we'll see how much time I can resist it :)
Happy stitching


  1. I always say any progress is good progress when it comes to HAEDs. I totally know what you mean about the Past, Present, Future chart, I was so drawn to it when it came out. Can't wait to see you stitch it!!!

  2. I absolutely love Wizard of Oz! It's looking fantastic. I'd try my hand at it myself (and I'm rather tempted to) but have too many charts going on as is. Can't wait to see your progress on it. The tent stitch looks lovely.

  3. To Vani: you are really nice. Actually I've ordered the fabric, 20 count ivory, I want it to be quite big, so maybe my so-called resistance won't last much! :)
    To Ewa: That is so funny, because the more I look at your progress on College of magical knowledge, the more I want to do it too! Maybe we could switch once in a while :)