Monday, 4 April 2011

Update time!

  I've decided to update once a week, so I can show some progress. I've been asking myself a tons of questions lately, about my cross stitching. Did I like the fabric I choose? Is the number of threads adequate? at one time, I even thought of starting again Blue Bird: the stitches were so tiny, it seems it couldn't show all the colors used properly. And then I started The wizard of oz with tent stitching, which seems good to begin with. but I end up frogging quite a bit and the back is such a mess. So I'm thinking about gridding, I even bought a washable pen! Well, I got myself a big headache! I've decided to not decide anything for a while! just stitch and take pleasure with it! And you know what: I feel much better now.

So there come the photos:
I haven't done much on Pinocchio, poor thing
I'm really proud of this one: the tent stitching looks great at most of the places
 And finally the Blue bird (page one is almost done). I think I'm going to buy me a chocolate treat as soon as I'm done :)

I love browsing other stitchers blogs. They are all doing amazing work. But the problem is I want to do those patterns and kit too! So bad! Restrain yourself anojaa, you're going nowhere like that!

Happy stitching and thanks for looking


  1. Gridding does make things a lot easier. That way you can move around the chart safe in the knowledge that you should be okay, it cuts down on the frogging. Bluebird looks beautiful. I admire anybody who can stitch a Jo Wall piece.

  2. I approve of chocolate treats! Thanks for always commenting - it's really motivating, confetti sister!

    Everything is looking lovely!

  3. Wow they are all coming along so well. You are right don't sweat the small stuff just enjoy it. The stitches are small but don't worry all the colours will show up. You might be a bit close to it whilst sewing but remember they are meant to be viewed from a distance. I think even close up it looks awesome. Something that my help I only recently purchased this - a air and water soluble pen. The ink lasts a maximum of 72 hours so you can grid as you go. It saves so much time. I use to grid the whole project with special gridding thread and it took forever and I just wanted to start stitching. You can even draw on the already stitched bits to keep your lines straight and help you out where your at. Just bought it from my local craft shop and it had a eraser at the end in case u made a mistake.
    Have fun and happy stitching xo Alicia

  4. Thanks for your comments!
    Ewa, It's a pleasure to follow your blog!
    Helene and Alicia, thanks for your advice. Actually I've bought a vanishing pen, maybe I will try it. Wish me good luck