Monday, 27 April 2015

sorry for the delay - desolee du retard

Hi everyone,

So sorry for the lack of update last weeks. But here I come with lots of photos.

First, we should start with the star project  'Past, Present, Future'. I am very happy to announce that two more pages are done and that we are left with only two more pages!! I was very lucky with those pages because there were composed mostly of block of colours. I enjoyed taking photos after finishing one big block of colour. So here you go.

Before picture

Step by step

Final before holiday

Some bad/good news, 'Past, present, future' is going to be on halt for the next months as I am going back home spend some time with my mother. I will leave it behind.  But, that will give me time to do some holiday stitching depending on whatever I find waiting for my attention at home. And I plan to bring back some of my stash, like fabrics. I feel I will start a new big project before the end of the year... ;) (I must be crazy)

I had the time to finish a small on the side project. I was inspired by one of my fellow blogger, the wonderful Joanna who stitched this pattern: you can find here her related post where you can see how she wonderfully alters the pattern. Thank you so much Joanna for inspiring me! The pattern itself can be bought from Dorkstitch on Etsy. I made few changes as it was made for friends who love donuts: so instead of cookies I put donuts! And I tried to add my signature in a 'Star wars' fashion. So here is the beast:

Thanks to all of you who will be passing by.

Je promets de mettre la traduction francaise tres bientot. Un mechant rhume me rend la vie difficile aujourd'hui.

See you soon,


  1. Ah I am so happy that you liked the cookie/donut design ;-) Your version of it looks great =)
    And as always, I really adore your progress on Past Present Future =) You are flying through this =)