Monday, 4 July 2011

Flu and some golden progress

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I couldn't read your lovely blogging lately (I'm doing some catch up). I had the flu. So I had to stay in my room with the AC on (couldn't stay out because of the hot weather). And our internet connection is not wireless. Funny thing about this flu. It seems a virus flu was spread among a lot of people here in Sri lanka. when I say people, I mean children. So hubby couldn't stop laughing at me because I got it too, and I'm 33!

Nevertheless, some progress have been made (the good thing about being forced to stay in bed).
 First, I'm trying to finish all the gold metallics on Brilliant butterfly (no pic yet, I will post when it's finished).

Then, I have a confession. I'm completely hooked on Golden kite charts. Actually, I have made a start some month before. But this is going to be huge and the progress is slow. So there is my lifelong project : Indian chess game
And my progress so far (bottom right part of the chart):
Stitched on 22ct oslo with a lot of colours (blended and not).

And finally, I've stitched like a crazy girl on SK Rapunzel. My best friend is coming to visit me soon, and as I know that when she will be here there won't much stitching done. So,
Yeah, it's a page finish! Next page will be out on august. (sorry the pic is bizarrely oriented)

Hello tout le monde! J ai attrape une sorte de gros rhume ici, qui circulait parmi ... les enfants! Mais j ai quand meme bien avance! j ai fini la premiere page de Rapunzel, youpi! Et puis je vous laisse un apercu de mon projet a vie, le jeu d echec indien! Recemment j ai vu un film assez ztupide ma foi mais avec des vues splendides de Paris! Oh Paris! je vous embrasse fort!

Happy stitching!
A bientot mes petits loups


  1. Hope you are feeling a lot better now! Your GK design is amazing - I will love seeing your progress on that one! Congrats on your page finish too - the detail in the SK is fab :-)

  2. Wow, your stitching on Rapunzel is amazing! And I have to admire you, I'd never have enough patience to stitch a Golden Kite chart :)

  3. OMG! How did you get all this confetti(Rapunzel) done so fast?!! I am impressed.
    I think it looks gorgeous. Great motivation for me to keep at it. Thanks!

    I'm glad that you are feeling better. Apparently you are still very young at heart! ;)

    Love the GK. Wow, what a project!

  4. Oh no! I'm sorry you got sick but I'm glad it gave you the opportunity to relax and stitch. I'm going to have to look into the Golden Kite charts... or not... could be trouble... hmm...

  5. Indian Chess Game is an amazing design! I'm so looking forward to see your work on that one!

    And Rapunzel! You are really speeding up on her, are you? :) She is beautiful.

    I'm glad to hear that you feel better again, the flu is a nasty beast!

  6. Hope you're feeling better Anojaa. Being sick sucks. :( WIPs are looking awesome!

  7. I hope you are over the flu and feeling better. Sorry to hear you have gotten the kids flu. I love GK as well. I'm doing Coign de vantage and plus have 3 more of their charts in my stash. They are beautiful. Indian chess game is awesome and you're off to a fantastic start. And as for Rapunzel...OMG you go girl that's some fast stitching and it looks amazing. Congrats on your progress!
    Alicia xo

  8. Poor you with the flu....but there are far worse things to be addicted to than Golden Kite....!!!!

  9. Hi! Just wondering how are you? I hope everything is ok and you'll carry on blogging someday.

  10. Wow, you have so many gorgeous WIPs, how do you ever choose which one to work on?

  11. This is my first visit to your blog and it is wonderful. The chess game is mind boggling.... I so love the butterflies, I have never seen the chart for it very very nice. I hope you will stop by my blog and maybe follow me?
    I live in Canada and I have been cross stitching for 30 years. I am totally addicted and loving it!