Monday, 13 June 2011

I've been a good girl

 Hello everyone! Thanks for your comments on my strange trip to singapore, but I had a good time, so all is well!

Lately, I have been a real good girl. Since I've started HEAD, blogging etc my old projects haven't got as much attention as they deserved.
Last week I've been mostly working on QS Topaz, who is a real darling to stitch. there she is, photo taken after a good evening of stitching (sorry for the yellowish colours). I am almost at her body, yeah!

Even if I would have wished to stitch more on her, I put her aside (it was hard). and I took back Brilliant butterfly. It's a beautiful design but alas, it has two things I don't like that much: half of it is half stitches only and there is a good part to be done with metallic threads. So I suppose this was the reason I've put it aside for a while. But for the last three days I'm working on it, and it has paid off.
The borders are almost all done, there is just the bottom border. The metallic threads will wait for another time. I can feel that this one is going to be finished soon, so hurray! this is supposed to be a gift, so double hurray!
Hubby is still complaining about his phoenix, which has been completely deserted lately. But there is this upcoming SAL start with the HEAD BB, and there is Past Present future waiting for its start, etc. Well, I'm only human, ain't I? ; )

Bonjour tout le monde!
Je suis en train de passer quelques jours chez les parents de Sid, et j ai emmene avec moi toute ma quincaillerie, a tel point que tout le monde me demandait si je comptais m installer definitivement chez eux. C est un endroit magnifique, plein de lacs et au bord de la mer.
Point de vue point de croix, je comptais surtout travailler sur mes papillons, mais bon Topaz est si jolie, etc. Au bout d'une semaine Sid s est moque de moi en disant que j avais encore change d idee! Fichtre! je n allais pas laisser passer un tel affront a mon integrite broudesque! Ni une ni deux, je me suis mise a travailler comme une dechainee et la photo ci dessus vous montre que cela a porte ses fruits. Bon maintenant, je peux le laisser de cote pour retourner a Topaz ou peut-etre commencer quelque chose de nouveau, he he! Il fait froid a Paris, m a-t-on dit. Oh Paris me manque meme avec son froid! Je vous embrasse bien fort!

Happy stitching!
A bientot mes petits loups!


  1. The butterflies are back, yay! They look so lovely :)

    You work on Topaz is amazing, I can imagine how hard it was to put her aside ;) I'm trying to put stitching aside to finish some of my knitting projects, but that's harder than I imagined ;)

  2. I love your Haed-designs, and all your other work, keep on going!

  3. Topaz is looking fabulous! And you are stitching her up real quick! Butterflies look gorgeous!

  4. I think the butterfly's are looking good, but i can understand why they where in the waiting room, metallic threads are not nice to work with.

    Good luck with your stitching.

    Hugs Yvon.

  5. Both projects look wonderful... can't wait to see them updated again!

  6. Topaz looks fab, Anojaa!! I'm amazed you're able to put it down for the butterflies. :D That said, butterflies look great!! Love them.

  7. Aw they're lovely! Sometimes it's nice to dust off an old project, and yours looks wonderful. Look forward to seeing more!

  8. Verry nics blog have you ;)

    Mvg Sarah

  9. i agree with topaz she is lovely i love all the reds, and i have not stitched my non haeds for months

  10. Thanks for your comment on my Fall Fairy. So I came to have a look at your stitching. And I love it!
    The brilliant butterfly is beautiful....nice job!

  11. Butterflies look gorgeous! Love them.
    I'm going to start my Brilliant Butterfly Celebration but metallic threads are not a problem to me because i've got thread heaven. It´s very usefull to work with this sort of thread ;) You can see how to use this product here